Clive Standen as Rollo ( Vikings)

Claire Holt as Rebecca Mikaelson ( The Vampires Diaries)

Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martell (Game of Thrones)

Aidan Turner as Kili ( The Hobbit)

Tamzin Merchant as Anne Hale ( Salem )

Seth Gabel as Cotton Mather ( Salem)

Shane West as John Alden ( Salem)

Hi just wanted to say that I love your blog!! also was wondering do you watch all the shows & movies you blog about?

Hi, I’m very glad you like it! So I like watching TV series and movies and I try to watch all of them but sometimes I’m just looking for suitable face claims without watching the movies/shows they are in.

Janet Montgomery as Mary Sibley ( Salem )

Janet Montgomery as Mary Sibley ( Salem)

Janet Montogomery as Mary Sibley (Salem)

Janet Montgomery as Mary Sibley (Salem)

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser (Outlander)

Caitriona Blafe as Claire Randall (Outlander)

Luke Evans as Dracula ( Dracula Untod)